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Welcome to the LawList.com Registration page. On this first screen, please type in your law firm name and the details in as many of the other fields as you wish. The required fields are Law Firm Name and Law Firm Username and Law Firm Username Email. You will use the Username to log into the system after you save the data on this page. Note that the Password to log in with will be immediately emailed to the Law Firm Username Email address you type below. After logging in, you will see a variety of additional fields that you can fill in, including your personal details. Law Firm Marketing Directors will be able to add information on their branch offices and member lawyers.

Note that even lawyers who only have one law office, or are working out of their homes, will need to fill in the Law Firm Name. In these cases you can use your own full name as the firm name, much as you would list yourself in the phone book.

Some fields can scroll to the right for longer values.
Law Firm Name: The Administrator is the person in your law office who handles the LawList.com data management. For a large firm, that could be the Marketing Director. For a one person firm, it would be the lawyer.
Law Firm Username:   Username can only have characters a-z0-9. Admin Name:
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